Revealed: The Best 3 Ipad POS For Your Restaurant Business


Are you experiencing the following challenges in your restaurant? Long queues at your point of sales terminals, increased customer complains due to delayed services and confusion order fulfillment.  If you are in such situation, probably you need an Ipad POS system.

Definitely, you might be thinking about installing the modernized system. Also, your peers could have advised you to do the same. However, you are in a dilemma as you are not sure about the best mobile point of sale that fits with your business and within your budget. It is for this reason you are reading this article. Well. Here are the best Ipad POS systems that you can install in your restaurant:

a.    Ambur

Ambur POS is a selling point system designed for restaurant businesses. In fact, the developer claims that it is made by people working in the restaurant industry meaning it covers all aspects of these businesses. If you want to enhance speed in your restaurant, Ambur is the best choice for you.

The POS system enhances order processing by instantly sending them directly to the kitchen instantly. Also, if you are operating a bar and restaurant, it offers you an opportunity to separate their reports to avoid confusion. More importantly, you can save and backup your records in your Ipad with a single click.

b.    Aireus

If Ambur is not your taste, then you can go for Aireus. Aireus is more advanced Ipad POS that has significant features fitting well with all restaurant operations. This developer claims to be the leading innovator in the hospitality selling point tools. Importantly, with Aireus you need not buy new devices as it is compatible with iPad. Apart from this, its features are superb to help you in making timely decisions and to manage your inventories efficiently.

c.  Daito POS

For entrepreneurs with fixed budgets, Daitos POS is your option. This Ipad point of sale comes with monthly fees, and you do not need to sign a contract. As such, you can cancel the subscription at any time. Also, regardless of whether you are running a quick service or a full-service restaurant Daitos is an ideal option for you.

Furthermore, to give space for tips and offers in your restaurant, Daitos has a space for adjusting transactions. Hence, you do not worry about how to account for discounts and tips you offer and receive from the customers.

With this information, it is now easy for you to decide on the best iPad POS system. However, you need to consider your restaurant needs before making the final decision.